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ABC Private School Abu Dhabi

The Five ABC Values

Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Courage, Curiousity

ABC School Mission

At every age, ABC Private School students will:

All ABC Private School staff will:

• have high quality learning experiences

• be challenged to achieve at their best

• be expected to develop self-awareness, responsibility and the self-control, demonstrating the highest standards of behaviour

• aim to improve the school environment at all times

• develop their skills and capacity to raise standards

• ensure that the focus remains on student learning

• work in a positive and supportive learning community

• be provided with appropriate and effective professional development opportunities

• Regular recording of attainment and feedback to both students and parents on progress

ABC Private School will connect with its wider community:

• be a valued part of the School Community

• experience an open, frequent and effective communication system with the school both about the school, events and activities, and their children’s progress

• be offered help to support their children’s education at home

• be encouraged to be involved in the life of the school

• promoting the school’s achievements to all stakeholders

• be involved in local, national and international initiatives

• continue to develop beneficial links with local, regional and international institutions and community enterprises.

ABC Private School

private school

Mogens Mikkelsen (Director)

September 1979

1st Street, Sector SH22, Plot 8

Al Shamkha City

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

P.O. Box: 106091

Phone: +971 2 444 5800
FAX: +971 2 444 4163



Operation Hours
Sun - Thu:
7: 00 am - 2: 30 pm

New address will be

1st Street, Sector SH 22, Plot 8

P.O. Box: 106091, Al Shamkha City

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Tel: (+971) 2 4445 800

Fax: (+971) 2 4444 163

Mobile: (+971) 50 1214 753