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Would you like to promote your Education Agency on English Schools Directory website, are you keen to help students domestically and internationally; do you want to publicize a new course or event... if there's anything you want to tell the world we can help you

Add your profile today for US $29 per year and your profile will appear free of charge in the forthcoming Education Agents Newsletter (Click here to view current issue).

The introductory offer includes the following: 

*       Dedicated application form to enable students to contact you directly

*       Google map to help students find you!

*       Student Comments Board to provide you with feedback and generate enquiries

*       Translation widget to enable students to read your profile in their mother tongue

*       Social networking links

*       Youtube video presentation

*       Downloadable prospectus

*       School photo-gallery

*       Links to your feature will be placed on all relevant pages.

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