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Being a large country, Angola's climate varies according to region. The north has a wet, hot, tropical climate, becoming dryer as it extends south until desert conditions prevail in the southern strip between the central plateau and the border with Namibia. Luanda's climate is moderately tropical.
Language:The Languages spoken in Angola. Angola's official language is Portuguese.
Approximately 40 percent of Angola's population speak only Portuguese.
Currency:The new Kwanza is the official currency used in Angola. Divided into 100 centimos, the Kwanza is denoted by AOA, as well as the informal abbreviation "Kzr."
Population: There are 12799293 Angolan citizens
as of July 2009, which ranks 70th in the world.
Capital City: Luanda (formerly spelled Loanda) is the capitaland largest city of Angola. Located on Angola's coast with the Atlantic Ocean.
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