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The island experiences average temperatures of around 80 F (27 C), with the Trade Winds providing a constant warm breeze. With no high mountains to block the sun's rays and in the absence of the type of vegetation that attracts rain clouds,

Anguilla is a sun-worshipper's paradise.

Language: English is the official language spoken in Anguilla, but the locals have an
accent and way of speaking that is all their own.
Currency: Anguilla uses the Eastern Caribbean dollar, but the U.S. dollar is also widely
circulated. Learn more about the types of payment accepted on the island.

Anguilla's population stood at 6, 800 as of 1987; in addition, a small number of expatriates from North America and Western Europe lived on the island. Annual population growth averaged 0.7 percent between 1982 and 1985.
Capital City:

The capital city of Anguilla is known as the Valley. Anguilla is a British
abroad territory in the Caribbean east of Puerto Rico.


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