Australia Education

Banksia Montessori School

Chatton Street
Dianella WA6059
Tel: 08 9275 5997
Email: info@banksia.
Website: www.banksia.
Key Details
Type: Independent
Level: Primary
Gender: Coed
Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational
Early Learning: Yes
Welcome to Banksia Montessori School
Banksia Montessori School was incorporated in 1984 and has since developed a reputation as a quality pre-school for 3-6 year olds following the Montessori method. The school caters for up to 28 students an ideal size for children embarking on their first experience of school and education. The classroom at Banksia Montessori School has a special atmosphere of cheerful orderliness calm and purposeful work providing the children with a caring and enriching environment. At Banksia Montessori children are constantly stimulated through their own natural desires for knowledge. We strive to encourage all children to develop a healthy positive attitude towards learning and education.
Our Teaching
All our teachers are Montessori qualified and possess the experience and knowledge to guide your children towards independence in all spheres of development including physical intellectual moral spiritual and social aspects. Our classrooms are distinguished by our special approach to learning. Some of the qualities of a Montessori classroom include: •A Prepared Environment: A positive and natural place for children to develop individually and gradually with neither failure nor competition. •Montessori Equipment: Active learning that encourages children to explore the world around them and focus their learning on their interests. •Freedom with Limits: Children are encouraged to explore and focus on areas that interest them with careful guidance and control by the Montessori teachers. Their work is "purposeful ” and activities are self-chosen. •Own Individual Personality: There are no set grades or external rewards at Montessori school. We encourage children to construct a strong sense of their own individual personality. •Co-operation and Encouragement: Our teaching is about understanding and respect for each other. •Diversity and Unity: We represent and celebrate our diversity in ethnic backgrounds religion age and individuality.
Our Program
The Banksia Montessori school program provides your child with the fundamentals for efficient learning in all important curriculum areas. Life skills are practiced through activities such as pouring sweeping and polishing. Your child engages in tasks he or she naturally enjoys doing while at the same time increasing muscular co-ordination concentration order and confidence. Our sensorial equipment helps your child to classify countless impressions and to develop and refine sense perception. Students at Banksia also participate in language development mathematics cultural understanding art music and creativity and field trips.