International Education

Naseem International School

Naseem International School

PO Box 28503, Riffa, Bahrain

+973 17 782 000

Naseem International School

School type Coeducational Day

Head of school Sameera Al Kooheji

Co-ed Age Range 3-18

Number of pupils 1,012


Language of Instruction English, Arabic Naseem International School provides a balanced education, which enables its students to fulfill their potential in all areas of growth, and empowers them to become critical thinkers who compassionately care for others and who play an active, responsible role in shaping our society and saving our world.

Naseem International School offers a rigorous academic dual language programme (Arabic and English) beginning at the pre-school level through to Grade 12. The teacher-student ratio average is around 1: 12. Its dedicated leadership and faculty prepare students for both the IB and the High School Diploma programmes. The school was awarded IB Diploma authorization in 1996, MYP authorization in 2012, and PYP authorization in 2008; making Naseem International School the first and only fully authorized IB World School in Bahrain.

Naseem International School prides itself on the receiving the National Authority for Qualification and Quality Assurance of Education and Training (QQA’s) judgement of outstanding in Teaching and Learning, Support and Guidance, Personal Development and Leadership and Management; in addition to the recognition that the school has an outstanding Capacity to Improve.

Naseem International School emphasizes the importance of co-operation between the school and home, and promotes on-going communication involving parents, students and teachers, in order to facilitate this co-operation. Naseem International School has a proud history of being founded in 1982 by our president Mrs. Sameera Abdul Jabar Al Kooheji in response to a demand for a national school that would provide a high-quality education within a traditional Arabic environment. It’s mission is to offer a holistic education which adequately prepares our students for the challenges they are to face in the future.