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International Montessori School

The International Montessori School is located in 3 suburbs of Brussels being Tervuren, Wezembeek-Oppem and Sterrebeek. The school started in 1993 offering a complete bilingual program in English and French. The school caters to children of all nationalities between the ages of 15 months to 16 years old.


The early years emphasis the development of the whole personality. Children are aided in becoming independent and self thinking individuals. This independence grows to confedence, which in it's turn grows to academic achievements and joy of learning.

The Primary section offers a vast curriculum including concrete hands on experiences which induce the understanding of concepts and facilitates learning. Additionally, social development and responsibility are key elements.

The Middle school of the International Montessori School is accredited as an IB applicant school offering the curriculum with the MYP end terms. Through work experience, children learn to plan, make decisions, communicate well and become good leaders and team workers. Intrinsic motivation develops through a level of independence and responsibility.


The school at the International Montessori School is staffed by an enthusiastic international group of teachers. Up to the age of 12 each group has two teachers; one speaking English and the other one speaking French at all times. At school children live and work in both languages. Middle School works with 2 home teachers and has visiting specialists offering the complete curriculum including 4 languages.


The school is housed in private villas, thus offering a safe and friendly atmosphere. The school in Wezembeek-Oppem has it's own gym facility and older children use the local sports facilities. The Full Time centre in Tervuren includes the 'Parent Café' used for information sessions on child development and houses a Parent Library on books related to all aspects of child rearing.


The school year commences on September 1 and finishes on June 24. The school follows the Belgian school calendar. The school day includes a cooked lunch for the Toddlers and pre school children. Older children bring their own lunch. All children from 3 onwards can choose to play the violin. From 6 onwards each child plays a musical instrument being piano, violin and/or guitar.


The Montessori philosophy facilitates the development of self esteem. The child has an individual recipical relationship with the teachers. The active style of engagement facilitates the development of intrinsic motivation and good overall achievements. Children love to go to school and develop the ground work for a learning for life attitude.

International Montessori School  Address:

Rotselaarlaan 1 3080 Tervuren, Brussels Belgium

School Summary:

Founded 1993

250 students, aged 1.6 - 16 International curriculum,

e.g. IB myp

30 staff