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Pelkhil School is a private school located in Tashi Pelkhil Village along the banks of Thimchhu in Thimphu Valley. It was established in 2010 in the Year of the Iron Tiger and the school mascot is the tiger. The 8 acre campus is just minutes from the centre of the capital city yet it enjoys the quiet of a rural setting.
While recognizing the importance of academic achievement, the school also believes that the future of a nation lies in the quality of citizens it produces. Citizens who have self-discipline, integrity and understand the importance of community. The school’s programs and philosophy allow the best of the students’ natural talents to bloom without letting youthful exuberance get in the way.
The debate used to be over whether to spare the rod and spoil the child. Today it is vastly more complex with our youth presented with limitless temptations and influences from every corner of the globe. Parents and teachers, the primary guides and role models are themselves found hesitant in an era of complex child rights and cascading new philosophies of upbringing. And in a world where a single income is not enough, children find themselves on their own more often than we would like. The role schools play is therefore more critical than ever.
Pelkhil aspires to play its part by cultivating an outstanding and committed faculty and providing programs that keep students engaged and also inspired.
Pelkhil is a co-educational, non-residential school with a built capacity for 600+ students. Admissions are accepted for students from Pre-primary through grade 12. Our class size is the smallest among the secondary schools and our teacher-student ratio is a staggering 1: 9! On average, our faculty has the best qualifications with a majority with a master’s degree as well as 11+ years of teaching experience on average. These are the essential ingredients of a good school, an unfortunately rarity in these parts!
Our student body consists of children of middle-class businessmen, civil servants and ordinary citizens. We have many students on academic and sports scholarship. There is nothing ‘elitist’ about our students except perhaps their desire to do their best!
Students at Pelkhil prepare for the BCSE and BHSEC examinations for grades X and XII conducted by Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment. We have also begun to provide supplementary text and instructions from the ICSE syllabus.
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