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Climate:Although Bolivia lies entirely within tropical latitudes, climatic conditions vary widely from tropical in the lowlands to polar in the highest parts of the Andes. Temperatures depend primarily on elevation and show little seasonal variation. In most locations, rainfall is heaviest during the Southern Hemisphere summer, and yearly amounts tend to decrease from north to south.
Language:In Peru, any native Peruvian language is official in areas where it is used by a
majority of the population.
Currency:The boliviano, also denoted by BOB, is the official currency used in Bolivia. The currency is divided into 100 subunits, named centavos.
Population:The population of Bolivia was estimated to be 8280000 in 2000. In 1950, it was
2.7 million. The annual population growth rate is 2.2 percent.
Capital City:Bolivia actually has two
capitals. The main constitutional capital is Sucre and the secondary administrative capital is La Paz.
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