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Broadhurst Primary School VISION

To create, together with the family, a caring environment of learning and experience, in which children may develop their potential to the full, may acquire the knowledge and skills to equip them for living, may experience the best that the human spirit has achieved, may develop respect for themselves, for other people and the world around them and have the courage to make a difference to future.School PhilosophyThe school’s philosophy is driven by its vision statement and revolves around the principle that all children are different. They have different personalities, different abilities and different backgrounds. With this in mind, the school has as one of its core methodologies, group teaching.Lesson material and the lessons themselves are aimed at the different levels of competency within the classroom. The material presented is problem based and the children are taught problem-solving techniques from a very early age. The emphasis is an interactive, child-centered approach with the teacher as facilitator. At all times the teachers are encouraged to use the varied resources at the school to enhance the delivery of the lessons.The first thing that strikes parents visiting the school is the clusters of desks in each classroom. This arrangement allows the children to work in groups. This approach allows for a great deal of individual attention, which is the cornerstone to the teaching at the school. All children are allowed to work to their maximum ability and frequently children are working at levels way above the standard average. The teaching methodology at Broadhurst School is dynamic and up to date, and all reports indicate that our children have absolutely no difficulty in slotting into schools throughout the world.Broadhurst education is very "skills" based and apart from the basic skills of the Number, Reading and Writing, children are taught thinking, study and problem solving skills.Based on Edward De Bono’s "thinking skills", the children are taught "how to think". These skills (Click here for examples of OPV [Other People's Opinions] and PNI [Positive, Negative and Interesting]), like all the others, are introduced from aged 5 in Reception, to the 12 year olds in Standard Seven. The Study Skills originate from the work done by Tony Buzan. The most important study skill introduced to the children is mindmapping. This technique is used for note taking, note making and study. The opening page of the web site is a simple mind map (Click here for examples of a Reception and Standard 6 mind map)The emphasis of the school is not on providing children with volumes of facts but rather to give the children the skills to identify critical information, record it effectively and apply it appropriately.Another unique aspect of the education at Broadhurst is the introduction of Rubrics. Rubrics indicate to the child how the task is to be assessed prior to doing the task. This helps to alleviate disappointment when marked work is returned. It also serves as an editing mechanism for the child. (Click here for Reception and Standard 6 Rubrics)Mathematics at the school has at its heart, a problem solving approach. Carefully prepared material, along with very skilled facilitating, allows the child to develop mathematical concepts and methods. Broadhurst School pupils have consistently performed very well at national and international levels. Their performance, between standardised norms, has been of a very high level. The school is particularly well known for the high standard of Mathematics taught.The teaching of values is an integral part of the curriculum. The school uses a programme devised by U.N.E.S.C.O. as its source material. In addition, the children are required to be respectful, polite and courteous. The children are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times and to adhere to the rules of the school. It is only within a friendly, happy and disciplined environment, that effective learning can take place.All children are different and the diverse curriculum at the school allows for this difference. Apart from the academic approaches of the school, music, art and sport feature strongly on the agenda. The school boasts three steel bands and two choirs. School productions are performed annually. The children have access to an art club and the afternoon programme allows the children access to a diverse range of clubs. These include, amongst others, a guitar club, a chess club, and a cooking club. (Click here to link to the Cultural Activities in the Magazine)Broadhurst Primary School is particularly well known for its sport. The programme allows the children to participate at all levels of competition. Broadhurst School children are regularly selected into the Botswana teams. (Click here to link to the Sport in the Magazine)At all times, the child as an individual, pervades the thinking and management of the children at Broadhurst Primary School. Our goal is simple, to equip our pupils effectively for the very different and challenging future into which they will go.Broadhurst Primary School

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400 students, 5-13 yrs.

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