International Education

Escola do Futuro - São Paulo

Escola do Futuro - So Paulo

R. Dr. Francisco Pati, 40 - Vila So Francisco, So Paulo, SP 05352-090, Brazil

+55 11 2168 4100

Escola do Futuro - São Paulo

School type Coeducational Day
Forming World Leaders

Escola do Futuro (SCHOOL OF TOMORROW) does not have this name by chance. From Nursery School on, the institution offers a bilingual curriculum, developed on the basis of multicultural and Christian values. The students experience a learning environment of total immersion in English, through which they will acquire the cultural knowledge needed to gain proficiency in the target language, as well as to prepare them to face future challenges as leaders who can change the world into a better place.

Escola do Futuro's goal is to prepare world citizens. The students not only acquire another language but also acquire the necessary cultural references and values which will allow them to interact naturally wherever they are. Our students learn to accept and welcome diversity.

Our pedagogical philosophy is based on a skill-driven curriculum focused on the development of autonomy and critical thinking; so the students can become conscious of their transforming role in making a better world.

The School's vision is clearly reflected on its environment, where the internal ambience integrates the learning process. The classrooms, common areas, such as the cafeteria, patio, and courts, invite the students to interact socially while allowing them to respect each other's individuality.

Children experience total immersion in the target language, allowing them to acquire both fluency in the language and the understanding of a multicultural environment.

The international curriculum provides students the opportunity to pursue higher education abroad; anchored in the formation of professionals that face the challenges of tomorrow, as citizens of the world.