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Virgin Islands:  
Climate:The British Virgin Islands enjoy a tropical climate, moderated by trade winds. Temperatures vary little throughout the year. In the capital, Road Town, typical daily maxima are around 32 C  in the summer and 29 C in the winter. Typical daily minima are around 24 C.
Language:The official and most widely spoken language in the Virgin Islands is English. The literacy rate in the Virgin Islands is around 90-95%.
Currency:The official currency of the British Virgin Islands has been the US dollar since
1959, a currency also used by the United States Virgin Islands.
Population:The islands have a total population of about 22, 000, of whom approximately 18, 000 live on Tortola.
Capital City:Charlotte Amalie is the capital and largest city of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It
is located on the island of Saint Thomas.
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