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Master of Engineering in Internetworking

at Dalhousie University, Canada


The Master of Engineering in Internetworking degree at Dalhousie University is geared towards the following groups of people:

  • networking professionals already in the field who wish to increase the depth and breadth of their knowledge

  • those who wish to change their career path by entering the high-demanding field of networking

  • fresh graduates who wish to make a career in networking.

Internetworking is an area of growing significance and importance in todayís world.  It is a multidisciplinary area which requires knowledge and skills in the related areas of engineering, communications, mathematics and modeling, computer and network architectures, and computer software.  It is an industry that draws on interdisciplinary knowledge, requires practical ability, and capitalizes on individual strengths.

 Program Scope

 The Master of Engineering in Internetworking was introduced in 1997 as the first graduate program in the world dedicated to Internetworking.  The Internetworking Program is a course-based Master's degree that provides the theoretical background to analyze the shortcomings and strengths of network technologies, their continuing evolution, and the challenges that lie ahead for the industry.  The program is designed to allow students to apply their knowledge and develop hands-on experience in a unique environment.  Invaluable opportunities to analyze, test and integrate the studentís knowledge, concepts and ideas, through interactive learning are incorporated throughout the program.  Through collaborative group work in the Internetworking laboratories, students have the opportunity to develop the team skills which are highly valued in industry.  A solid education at the master degree level is provided. Graduates of this program will have a solid theoretical foundation as well as a solid technology experience, and will be positioned for success in many different facets of the internetworking industry.

 Program Delivery

This program has been designed to accommodate full-time students taking two or more course per term, as well as individuals presently employed in the Internetworking and related industries. The course lecture format is delivery over a two or three week period (rather than the usual 13-week format).  Normally there are 3 to 4 hours of lectures and 4 hours of laboratory work each day.  Courses are offered sequentially in the pre-requisite order (posted schedule). Weekend days will be required according to the needs of specific courses.

Program Entrance Requirements

 Students entering this program must hold a Bachelorís degree in a related field of study. Applicants with degrees in the following areas will be considered: computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, physical sciences or mathematics. An undergraduate grade point average equivalent to a CGPA of at least 3.0 is normally required; for those with a CGPA between 2.7 and 3.0, relevant work experience will be a factor in assessing the application.


The proposed academic fee (for 10 academic courses and a seminar) is payable in Canadian dollars and is $23,100.  The academic fee is reviewed annually and the university reserves the right to change the fee structure prior to the commencement of classes.  The academic fee is to be paid in 10 equal installments (one per course by the first day of a course), except when stated otherwise.



Dalhousie University is located in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia; one of the oldest cities in Canada.  Halifax, an international city of 360,000 is large enough to offer many of the activities and services of an urban city, while maintaining the friendliness of a small town.  Infused with energy and enthusiasm of thousands of students, Halifax is an exciting coastal city with a youthful flair.  Combine this student-friendly atmosphere with our legendary Maritime charm, and it is easy to see that Nova Scotiaís capital city will quickly become your second home.

Dalhousie University

Master of Engineering in Internetworking

1360 Barrington Street, Room A210

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Canada   B3J 1Z1


Phone: +1 (902) 494-1114


Email: shelley.caines@dal.ca


Website: www.internetworking.engineering.dal.ca



Dalhousie University

Master of Engineering in Internetworking

1360 Barrington Street, Room A210

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Canada   B3J 1Z1




+1 (902) 494-1114













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