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Study Film-making at BEIJING FILM ACADEMY China

Beijing Film Academy is the only institution of learning devoted to the cultivating of film professionals in China. With a history of about 55 years, Beijing Film Academy has developed a well-rounded curriculum that embraces the entire spectrum of film-making including production, teaching and research. Relying on its excellent teaching tradition, strong faculties, comprehensive film disciplines, complete teaching facilities, Beijing Film Academy has become an important base for Chinese film production, film management, and film researchers. For many years, Beijing Film Academy, with its superb achievement, and history, has attracted a large number of domestic and overseas students who are dedicated to film industries. Endowed with its outstanding faculty, Beijing Film Academy shoulder the task of training professionals in everything they need to know about their craft and in the most advanced techniques in the industry toward the 21st century.

Bachelor Degree (4 Years)
Film and Drama Literature
Film Directing
Performance Art
Film and Television Recording
Art Design of Film and Television
Film publication and Business Management
Film Digital Technology

Master Degree (3 years)
Film and Drama Literature:
Screen writing, International film culture communication, history of Chinese film, and history of foreign film
Film and Television Recording:
Film sound
Art Design of Film and Television:
Virtual Space Design, Film Stunt
Film publication and Business Management. Film Marketing, Film production management
Digital Film technology
Animation production and multimedia
Institute of Film
Film Theory, Television Studies, Western Film Theory Study, Feminism Critique and study on film

Doctoral Degree (4 years)
Film Literature:
Film History and Theory, Film Art
Institute of Film
Film History and Theory, Film Culture and

Estimated Costs of self-financed International Students Studying in China:
Bachelor degrees: 46000RMB
Master Degrees: 45000-54000
Doctorate Degrees: 45000RMB
Accommodation fees: 85 RMB for single room per day
50RMB for double room per day


Beijing Film Academy

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