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Study at Chung Shanghai International School (YCIS Shanghai) China

Following China's adoption of an open-door policy, Yew Chung Shanghai International School (YCIS Shanghai) was established in Hongqiao district in 1993 to introduce the Yew Chung educational programme to this rapidly developing city of China and to meet the needs of the expatriate community of Shanghai.

The first international school officially recognized by and registered with the Chinese government, YCIS Shanghai has become an important "window" in Eastern China for the exchange of educational ideas and experiences with other parts of the world. A second campus opened in Gubei district for the 1995-1996 school year.

The third campus, in the rapidly developing Pudong area, opened in the 1999-2000 school year for kindergarten and primary students.

A unified educational philosophy and pedagogy governs the educational aims and development of the Yew Chung international schools from infant and toddler and kindergarten through primary and secondary education. It unites the best elements of Eastern and Western traditions. It fosters the growth of the individual and the inquiring mind as well as a sense of personal responsibility and the social welfare of all. We focus on education of the whole person from infancy through secondary levels designing curriculum which is developmentally appropriate to each age level. Through bilingual education in multicultural environments utilizing instructional and information technology and fusing both Western and Chinese philosophies for character formation, our students will be nurtured into leaders of the 21st century.

Yew Chung is committed to educating the whole person in cooperation with the parents, the family and the community and the larger world. In this holistic approach to education, Yew Chung will endeavor to:

Provide an all-round education that nurtures the whole person - spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional that includes relationships with others.
Uphold moral and spiritual values consistent with Christian principles, affirming the worth and dignity of each individual.
Appreciate and strengthen creativity for the arts, respect cultural diversity, and the beliefs and values of all people.
Nurture in each student an open outlook in life, and a caring attitude towards people and the environment.
Inculcate values that promote cooperation and tolerance of all cultures.
Generate a sense of commitment and social responsibility to all people.


Gubei Campus: Tel: (+86 21) 2226 7666
18 West Rong Hua Road (near South Shui Cheng Road),
Gubei New Area, Puxi,
Shanghai 201103, P.R.C.

Hongqiao Campus: Tel: (+86 21) 2226 7666
11 Shui Cheng Road (near Hongqiao Road),
Puxi, Shanghai 200336, P.R.C.

Regency Park Campus: Tel: (+86-21) 2226 7666
1817 Hua Mu Road (near Fang Dian Road),
Pudong, Shanghai 201204, P.R.C.

Century Park Campus: Tel: (+86 21) 2226 7666
1433 Dong Xiu Road (near Jin He Road),
Pudong, Shanghai 200127, P.R.C.