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Ningbo International School

Ningbo International School (NBIS) is the only fully licensed international school in Zhejiang Province, and it has the enthusiastic support of the Ningbo and Zhejiang Governments, the South Australian Education Department, and the Zhejiang Wanli Education Group. Ningbo International School (NBIS) is able to enrol students with foreign nationalities, including those from Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. We commenced operation on 1 September 2005.
We have a strong formal link with the South Australian Department of Education and Children s Services (DECS). Australia is a world leader in Education and DECS is at the forefront of education in Australia. Not only are we assisted by DECS in the recruitment of outstanding teachers, we also lease their curriculum, which is known as SACSA the South Australian Curriculum, Standards and Accountability Framework.

SACSA is widely used in Commonwealth countries, and increasingly throughout the world. It is well respected as a rigorous world class international curriculum, and it provides a learning programme from birth to Year 12. SACSA offers a well structured and coherent programme while providing opportunities for educators to capitalise on the diverse cultural, backgrounds of students.

English is the language of instruction throughout. Our students also learn Chinese language and we provide optional courses in other subjects related to Chinese culture.

The Principal, teachers and Pre-School Director are from Adelaide, South Australia.

Buildings and classrooms are outstanding. Classrooms are comfortable, attractive and practical teaching areas, with space for formalised and informal instruction. Rooms are very well equipped.

Grounds are also exceptional, with artificial running track, tennis and basketball courts, grassed areas and hard play areas. We have a science laboratory, home economics centre, and music suite, and a fully equipped computer laboratory. We are developing a language laboratory and will shortly install computerised library management software.

The school day at Ningbo International School (NBIS) is from 8: 30 to 3: 00, with Chinese culture lessons from 3: 00 to 4: 30. The school year is 180 days.

We at Ningbo International School (NBIS) place great importance on developing respect and the relationship between teacher and students, and the warmth of this relationship can be felt on entering rooms. We have high expectations regarding quality and quantity of student work, and the activities we provide have a strong focus on learning. Ningbo International School (NBIS) students are routinely engaged in rigorous learning programmes.
School Summary:
Founded 2005
7 students, aged 2 - 17 South Australian Curriculum and Accountability Framework 7 staff

Zhangshi, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, 315200, China