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Bjørn's International School

Bjørn's International School consists of a Danish-speaking department comprised of Pre-school to grade 9, and an English-speaking department comprised of grades 1-9. The English-speaking department educates children who are resident in Denmark for a limited period, whereas the Danish-speaking department provides a bridge between schools abroad and the Danish State Education system. The two departments work in close co-operation. Classes are small, with between 10-20 children in each class, and teaching is geared to the individual needs of the child. The school endeavours to cultivate tolerance and intercultural understanding, and secure a harmonious community for the children and staff.

School Summary
National, UK curricula.
IGCSE exams
140 students, 6-16 yrs

Gartnerivej 5, 2100, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel: (+45) 39 292937
Fax: (+45) 39 183842
kontoret. 101152@b-i-s. dk
www.b-i-s. dk


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Discover Our Degree Programs
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