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Learn Danish in Denmark or abroad

The opportunities to learn Danish in Denmark are vast. The courses are run as regular courses during the year, intensive short-term courses and as summer courses during the holidays. Depending on your needs, time available, interests and prior qualifications there are the following main options:

Courses at universities and higher education institutions
Many universities offer crash courses in Danish language and culture at term start, during the term or as part of summer university arrangements. These courses are aimed at foreign guest or regular students studying in Denmark, but at some of the courses it is possible to be admitted on other conditions as well. Students that are enrolled at the university as a guest student or regular student, usually do not pay tuition fee for the language courses. If you are accepted from outside the university, a fee will be required of around 2,500 - 5,000 DKK pr. course unit.

You can get more information about the courses, admission requirements and tuition fees from the international office at the individual university.

Summer courses 2007
In accordance with the Cultural Agreement Programme for 2007 CIRIUS manages scholarships for Danish summer courses to candidates from the following twenty countries:
Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, UK, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary and Austria.

Programmes and courses administered at local/municipal level
Municipal languages schools for foreigners
According to Danish legislation the municipalities are obliged to offer courses in Danish language and culture for foreign residents. The Ministry of Education sets the rules and standards for the various language courses and tests. It is also the Ministry of Education that authorizes the individual language schools as to which courses and examinations they may offer.

The municipal language schools offer courses at all levels from very basic courses, also for individuals with little prior schooling, to courses for persons with a higher education background from abroad. You will always be offered a place at a course according to your prior qualifications. Most courses include 18 lessons per weeks. Some schools also offer more intensive courses or organize individually designed courses.

The target groups for these courses are both foreign immigrants and refugees. Depending on the type of course a limited fee may be charged. It is possible to register for and start at new courses several times during the year. The state regulated examinations are held twice a year.

Here you can find link to schools (sprogcentre) offering some or all of the above mentioned courses as well as more information about the conditions.

Courses in Danish for foreigners at adult learning centres
The adult learning centres (VUC) offer courses in all general subjects for adults both at the level of lower and upper secondary level. Apart from the general courses offered both for Danes and foreigners with command of the Danish language, some of the adult learning centres also offer courses as a second language for foreigners.

Each course (1/2 – 1 year) normally comprises 240 lessons. A small tuition fee of around 200 DKK are charged for each course. More information is available from your local municipality or the individual adult learning centre.

Here you can find links to addresses of all adult learning centers in Denmark (VUC) links to addresses of all adult learning centers in Denmark (VUC)


Private language schools and private language teachers
If you are in need of more intensive and eventually more individually designed courses, you can either enquire about intensive, individually or in-service training possibilities at one of the municipal language centres, or look for private language schools, private organisations or private language teachers.

Especially in the Copenhagen area you will find several offers, but also in some of the larger cities there will be possibilities to find such offers. You can contact your local municipality for advise, or look up in the local telephone book under De Gule Side > Sprogundervisning/Dansk.

Courses at the Folk High Schools
Some Folk High Schools offer residential courses in Danish Language and Culture either during the summer holiday (3-4 weeks) or as 4-5 months' courses during autumn or spring. These courses normally do not include formal tests and examinations.

Courses in Danish abroad
Danish is taught at several universities around the world. A list of universities with Danish lecturers is available from the web page of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Technology.

There are also a number of private or public organizations that offer lessons in Danish at different levels. Contact the larger language centres in your home country for further information. The Danish Embassies and Consulates can also refer to activities relating to Denmark in your home country. List of all Danish embassies abroad:, please look at the section “Find us abroad”.

The Danish Cultural Institute also have branches abroad where Danish is taught, and each summer they run a number of Danish language courses in Denmark:


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