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Study Architecture at Aalborg University Denmark

Architectural Design, MSc in Engineering with specialisation in Architecture
A Sparkling Learning Environment
Can you imagine two amazing years of learning in one of Denmark's most sparkling educational environments where creativity is set to co-work with analytical and technical skills? Do you want enthusiastic teachers and researchers who have the best academic qualifications and the aim to provide their students with a solid international education which ranks among the best in the world?
Architectural Design
The Architectural Design curriculum consists of architectural concept development, project development and process. This takes place with an intentional focus on modern technology's possibilities in creating new forms of architecture. The interplay between architectural form and construction is explored, and we consciously use acoustics, energy factors and modern modelling technologies to encourage exciting forms.
This Master's programme combines technical and aesthetic qualifications within a framework of problem-solving and design expertise; not only in physical terms, but also within the digital media and virtual environments of the future. The Department aims at a strong international profile, and is working closely with Aalborg's new Utzon Centre as well as other significant international partners.
Contemporary society places much focus on architectural quality, urban environment and landscape. High-quality architecture and urban planning improve people's quality of life. Dwellings, housing complexes, towns and cities are crucial frameworks for people's everyday lives and should therefore be attractive, appealing and enthralling. Dwellings should be comfortable and functional and should satisfy the needs of the many people who use them.
Architecture is an important part of culture, historical heritage and human identity. The existing built environment should therefore be protected. Nevertheless, there should be room for a contemporary contribution to architecture and to the development of alluring and modern urban environments.
Master's Curriculum
We work from a core concept of "integrated design" based on project-organised problem-based learning (PBL). This implies a combination of creative and analytical skills, aesthetic confidence and technical competence. This programme aims to empower students to transform function, aesthetics, production techniques and environmental protection into expressive architectural form, challenging designs, expressive urban environments or astonishing virtual worlds.
Design must be sustainable, aesthetic and functional, but it must also be able to narrate and interpret. Students learn to control the latest information tools, using these technologies throughout the entire process, from the preliminary sketches to project design and management. Each of the programmes comprises 120 ECTS including courses, project work and workshops. The 1st semester offers a course in problem-based learning (PBL) and project work. During the first three semesters, you will participate in a large semester project, an individual design project, workshops, and possibly a study tour on the 2nd semester. Courses related to the projects comprise 1/3 of the time. The 4th semester is reserved for writing the thesis.
Aalborg University Fredrik Bajers Vej 5 P.O. Box 159 DK - 9100 Aalborg Denmark Phone +45 9940 9940