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European University College Dubai

EUC is the first postgraduate dental institution to offer international trainings programs in the United Arab Emirates and the MENA region.

EUC‘s international and “Western-trained” faculty come from reputed Universities and Research Centers in the USA, Sweden, England, France and the UAE, among others. Staff selection criteria are based upon their prowess as teachers, clinicians, and researchers and most are know world-wide.


Since the founding of EUC, we run an extensive range of postgraduate programs across a wide range of dental specialties. With a focus on translational research, postgraduate education and training, we offer a wide range of study opportunities: masters degrees, specialty training, certificates, diplomas, and CPD courses. These high quality educational programs include the latest research, and use innovative approaches to learning, which is mostly in small groups.

We welcome international residents. Currently there is a global pool of international residents from Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Our residents have to meet rigorous theoretical, clinical and research requirements in order to meet our international educational requirements and patient care standards.

EUC has been instrumental in enhancing the clinical capacity of our graduates. We offer state of the art services, latest trends and treatment philosophies, and uniquely handle highly complicated dental cases within the U.A.E.

Educational Programs

Our educational approach is evidence-based comprising theoretical, clinical and research learning experiences and problem-based learning (PBL) with small study-group work. To promote a holistic view to oral health care, the knowledge and understanding, skills and attitudes of different subject areas are integrated with clinical/research competence. This allows a progressive development of the resident’s clinical/research expertise and the introduction of more complex problems with increasing experience.

In all of the programs, Residents are presented with a broad range of clinical procedures rather than any single method of treatment, preparing graduates to manage a diversity of cases and use varying treatment modalities. Other educational formats such as lectures, seminars and computer-aided learning take place in diverse educational situations to support the main educational principles.



Dubai Campus

Branch: Dubai Healthcare City
Ibn Sina Building (No. 27)
Block D, 3rd floor, Office 302
P.O. Box: 53382, Dubai, UAE

Telephone: +971 4 3624787
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