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Silk Road International Language Academy

Private Instructions

Customized for each individual student and his or her needs, SRI offers Private Instructions that truly enables students to focus and quickly advance or enhance their language capabilities. Using the 1-on-1 method provides students with undivided attention to his or her needs as a teacher and students are in constant contact inside and outside of the classroom.

Private Instruction provides each student:

The ability to choose a variety of topics to learn from
One-on-one instruction with a qualified teacher in a private, virtual classroom
Personalized, detailed corrections and feedback to support efficient learning
Private courses tailored to their particular needs
The flexibility to specify the number of hours they wish to study per day or week

​TOEFL Exam Prep

Accepted in over 75,000 academic and professional organizations, the TOEFL exam (by ETS) is the most widely accepted English evaluation exam for non-native English speakers.

SRI offers specialized lessons plans and academic tools for preparing students on all sections of the exam (READING, LISTENING, SPEAKING, and WRITING). Our instructors are fully aware that such an important exam deserves the special attention it deserves with the students best interest in mind. Such an exam entails a customized lesson schedule that is convenient, focused and effective. Additionally, SRI will help students identify the correct exam type required, locate an authorized test location and schedule an exam on a date convenient for the student.

Silk Road International Language Academy
San Diego CA

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