International Education

Pioneer International Schools

As the International Pioneer Schools, we have taken education into the future, After all, your child's future is what really matter to us.
Our new introduction to the world of learning are designed, so that students complete tasks which require them to select, describe, research, record, justify and finally present.
The school aims to develop and vary the human abilities of all sections of classes in Egypt. We provide students the chance to familiarize with the current trends and developments worldwide. Consequently, they can participate practically and congregationally.
Team work is productively better than individual work as it depends on a collective group of minds exchanging various thoughts.
It s essential to eliminate selfishness individuality and partiality. We aim towards team spirit, congregational rivals and philanthropy.
The school provides its utmost attention to develop the following skills:
Students must be accustomed to think prospectively and to be neat.
To look attentively before they leap.
To judge after deliberate investigation.
To be tidy and accurate whilst carrying out any task or work.
To be serious and perfect.
We believe and acknowledge that administration is the strength and foundation to establish and maintain all available potentials to achieve the ultimate aim. To implement a successful, effective and efficient administration system depends on good planning, guiding, supervising following up and assessment. This combined with the latest technological media and data provides the success and expansion of any work.
School Summary .
Founded 1993
aged 5. 5 - 16
International curriculum, e. g. myp, diploma
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