International Education

Postipuu School

Postipuu is a progressive and multicultural primary school. It consists of Finnish and English speaking classes, as well as seven classes at Eesti mets school which provides special education at pre-school, primary and secondary school level. There are around 300 pupils and 60 staff members at Postipuu. The pupils represent many different nationalities, as do the staff members.
At Postipuu, one comes across different cultural backgrounds, nationalities, as well as pupils from special and mainstream education. Due to the special nature of the school, education towards tolerance and international awareness is an integral part of daily life at Postipuu. One of the main goals is to encourage our pupils to get to know, accept and value one anothers' differences, enabling them to live together in harmony. In order to lay a good foundation for internationalism, we believe it is important to appreciate other cultures, as well as ones own and also to find out about one´s roots and to come into contact with many different types of people.   

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