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International School of Vantaa

The International School was founded in 1992 and is based in Vantaa near Helsinki. The original purpose of the school was to offer an English language alternative school to parents who had been, or planned to work or study abroad. Later, because of increased demand, the school also accepted children whose parents wanted an alternative to traditional education in the elementary school. Planning and training is going forward in order to carry the curriculum into junior and senior high schools. French is taught through the medium of English as an elective second language beginning at grade 5. German, Swedish and Russian are alternative elective languages if there are more than 12 interested students. The language of instruction is predominately English. The school provides schooling for those children whose mother tongue is English or who have sufficient fluency in English to cope in the classroom. The school is a unified comprehensive school consisting of grades 1-9 with approximately 300 students. One of the aims is to produce competent, self-motivated students who can function in an international environment and cope in English. The general framework is determined by the National Board of Education with the school developing its own tailor-made curriculum within these parameters. French and German (depending on interest) are offered as electives starting from the grade 4. Swedish instruction begins at grade 7 as a compulsory course. Selection of students for the school is based upon oral and/or written assessment in English. In addition, applicants for the grades 7-9 are tested also in Mathematics in English. Only children living in Vantaa with their guardians and after a temporary stay abroad are accepted, although a student can continue her/his studies at school if s/he and her/his guardians return to Vantaa. Parental and professional support contributes to meeting the school's mission. These resources provide programmes such as after school clubs. There are new school premises in Kartanonkoski. The building also includes a daycare center and a public library.
School Summary:
National, US, curricula.
260 students, 6-16 yrs Address:
International School of Vantaa
Hagelstamintie 1, 01520, Vantaa, Finland
Tel: (+358) 9 8392 4810
Fax: (+358) 9 8392 4821
pirkko. majakangas@vantaa. fi
http: // vantaa. fi/isv