International Education

Berlin British School

Dickensweg 17-19, 14055 Berlin, Germany
Tel: (+49) 30 35109 190
Fax: (+49) 30 35109 199
Email: info@berlinbritishschool. de
Web site: http: //www.berlinbritishschool. de


Head - Simon Walker
Deputy Head/Head of Secondary - Si? Schutz

Full time:   15 men, 26 women
Part time:   1 men, 13 women
Nationalities:  8   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   UK, IB

Age Range: 3-19
Total Enrolment: 350
Nationalities: 44
196 boys, 154 girls
Early Years (N-Rec-Y1): 65
Primary School (Yrs 2-6): 130
Secondary School (Yrs 7-13): 200

Day only: € 3685-€ 14083
Other Fees: Reg fee (1st child) € 2, 600; Reg fee (siblings) €515
Learning Support Programme
Berlin British School is the only school in Berlin to offer an education based on the British model, set in an international context. Our School Vision: A Community of Vibrant and Global Thinkers. Serving the international community of Berlin, the school develops inquiring and intellectually active minds, as well as cultivating the value of knowledge in its traditional sense. Our highly qualified British and international staff are experienced, caring, and deeply committed to the development of the whole child. The language of instruction is English, and German tuition is provided for all students. Small class sizes, close individual monitoring, and the maintenance of rigorous academic standards in a caring but disciplined setting are the distinguishing features of a BBS education which also recognises, through a rich programme of extracurricular activities, that a young person’s confidence and skills may be developed outside the classroom as well as within it. Our motto, A British education today for the global citizens of tomorrow, embodies what the school stands for.
Curriculum Overview
The Berlin British School's curriculum provides an education based on the ethos and philosophy of the National Curriculum for England and Wales, while taking due note of the international community which it serves and its geographical location at the heart of Germany. Extra English lessons are provided for children who are acquiring English as a new language. German language teaching is provided for children who are reasonably fluent in English, as well as for native German speakers.
The National Curriculum
The National Curriculum determines the content of what will be taught, and sets attainment targets for learning. It also determines how performance will be assessed and reported. It allows schools to meet the individual learning needs of pupils and to develop a distinctive character and ethos. Under the National Curriculum, the pupils' education goes through several phases; Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. Pupils normally start with a class when they are of the lower age given, approaching the higher age during the school year.