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At the Globe Business College Munich, we view our mission not just in terms of improving the academic knowledge and skills of students but also in terms of the development of the individual as a whole.
We focus not just on theory, but also on business practice. We are internationally orientated, in terms of the make-up of our faculty, our students and the content of our programmes.
We provide a high quality offering to students who value individualised attention and want an education that facilitates them in starting their business careers or moving to the next stage in their professional lives.
Why Study at GBCM?

The advantages of studying at the Globe Business College Munich are clear:
Practical Orientation:
Our programmes are practically orientated. The courses are designed to provide students not just with theoretical knowledge required in management situations but to provide them with an understanding of how theoretical concepts can be applied in practice. As such, the programmes are aimed at providing participants with a holistic and integrated managerial perspective, enhanced problem solving abilities and an ability to work or effectively manage in diverse contexts.
International Focus:
At GBCM, the international dimension invades all aspects of who we are: from our diverse faculty staff to our multicultural student body. This international environment is advantageous in so far as it contributes to enhanced learning and allows students to experience the challenges and opportunities involved in working in a multicultural environment.
The Student as an Individual:
The fact that there is a maximum of 15 participants in each class means that students and lecturers have extensive contact. This one on one relationship and the congenial atmosphere in the college means that students get the attention they require. In addition, the small class size facilitates networking among the student body and encourages participation and interaction.
Flexible Programmes in English Language:
All of our programmes are conducted completely in the English language and our courses are structured around the needs of the working individual.
The fact that our faculty is made up of highly qualified academics and experienced professionals, means that students get not only the theory but also the practical knowledge that is required to be successful in today’s business world.
Our convenient location directly in the centre of Munich means that our students have the advantage of studying in one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

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