International Education

International Friedensschule Koln International School

Neue Sandkaul 29, Köln-Widdersdorf, 50859, Germany
Tel: (+49) 221 310 6340
Fax: (+49)
Email: info@if-koeln. de
Web site: www.if-koeln. de


Managing Director - Sonja Guentner
Middle School Principal/MYP Coordinator - Alexander Inman
Finance/Business Manager - Manfred Schroeder

Full time:   4 men, 23 women
Part time:   2 men, 7 women
Nationalities:  13   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   International,

Age Range: 4-12
Total Enrolment: 215
Nationalities: 22
116 boys, 99 girls
Primary School: 177
Middle School: 38

Day only: € 12000-€ 14000
Other Fees: Registration €3, 500
International Friedensschule Koln/Cologne International School is a private not-for-profit international school using the IBO Primary Years Programme as its curriculum base. It strives to have a balanced, international curriculum with emphasis in the school programme on sciences, language and the arts. The school uses English/German as the language of instruction from Grade 1 in the primary school with two teachers, one English-speaking the other German, team teaching a class. From the end of Grade 4 the students can then choose to join one of two branches. The German Bilingual Grammar School where the students will study the German Abitur curriculum taught in German/English, or they can choose the International Comprehensive School which follows the Primary Years Programme until Grade 6 then the Middle Years Programme. From Grade 11 the IBO Diploma Programme will be used. The school was opened in 2007 by a group of German state school.
It is projected to grow to around 1000 students from Grade 1 to 12 over the next four years. It has an inter-religious concept, meaning it is open to and welcomes all religions and cultures from around the world. It is named Friedensschule Schule, which translates as peace school in English as it wants to promote the fact that it teaches its students from a variety of different cultural backgrounds how best to get along and work with each other without conflict. The school believes very much in a healthy body, healthy mind approach. To this end it has daily Tai Chi exercise for all students by a qualified instructor from China. The meals provided by the school to the students are of the highest quality, with an experienced chef working with a dietician to develop a healthy menu which of course the students will like to eat. The hiring policy of the school is to have a range of teachers that are well qualified and experienced. The school believes strongly in supporting its staff and has a good professional development programme including sponsoring teachers to take the International Teachers Certificate if they so wish.