University of Greenland


The University of Greenland (locally known as Ilisimatusarfik) is a university located at Nuuk, Greenland. Most courses are taught in Danish and a few in Greenlandic. As of 2007, the university has approximately 150 students, almost all local inhabitants, and around 14 academic staff and 5 technical-administrative employees.[1] The modest student population is due in part to the government's policy allowing students a free university education anywhere in Europe or North America.[2] Ilisimatusarfik is located in the historical Herrnhut mission station, but is scheduled to move into a new research complex called Ilimmarfik in 2009. The university has a DKK 14.8 million budget.

The university has four departments: [3]

Department of Management and Economics
Department of Language, Literature and Media Studies
Department of Cultural and Social History
Department of Theology
The university awards Baccalaureate degrees in all departments and Master's Degrees in all areas except Theology. Ph.D.-programmes have been offered and at the moment five students are taking the degree.

P.O. Box 279
DK 3900 Nuuk TEL: +299 324566
FAX: +299 324711


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