International Education

Inter American School

Inter-American School is a non-profit Christian school located in the beautiful highland valley of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, four hours west of Guatemala City. We currently have 176 students enrolled and offer instruction from pre-kinder through twelfth grade. Class sizes are no larger than fifteen. IAS is increasing its total enrollment, as during the 2012-2013 school year, we offered two pre-kinder classes. We hope to continue this trend by adding one class of students each year. IAS is an English immersion school and our curriculum is based on U. S. college preparatory standards. In addition to offering quality education for our students, we seek to provide an authentic Christian environment and guide students toward demonstrating Christ like character.
Apartado Postal 24, Quetzaltenango Guatemala
Teaching Language: English
Sex: Coed
Special education needs: Unknown
Boarding: Not available
Uniform: No
Religion: Christian
Age Range: 4-18


Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Inter-American School
0 Avenida 1-43 Zona 6
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, C. A.
http: //
Director - Michael McNabb: director.
Principal - Shawn Lohse: principal. ias.
Development Coordinator - Kendra Broekhuis: development. ias.
Phone: 011-502-7761-4080 or 011-502-7763-0454
Fax: 011-502-7761-1105