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King George V School (KGV) Hong Kong

King George V School (KGV) Hong Kong is a part of the English Schools Foundation which educates 10, 500 students in 15 schools across Hong Kong. The oldest of the Foundation's schools, KGV aims to blend the best of its tradition with a progressive approach.

School Curriculum

Students in Years 7, 8 & 9 study a wide range of subjects covering all areas of the UK National Curriculum.  In addition, they are able to choose two foreign languages from a range including Chinese and European tongues. This ensures that there is a broad and balanced curriculum for all students.

In Years 10 and 11, students follow courses leading to UK General Certificate of Secondary Education examinations.

Subject choices are guided to ensure that students continue with a broad and balanced education, whilst allowing them to play to their strengths and pursue their special interests.

In Years 12 and 13 there is a free choice of subjects to study. Typically, students study four Advanced level subjects, following the UK system. Curriculum choices are also enriched with a range of non-examination courses and activities. Examination results are excellent and the majority of our students go on to further education at first class universities around the world.


Homework is set in all years to complement the work done in lessons. Schedules and time limits vary through the school.


In Years 7, 8 and 9, ICT is taught across the curriculum with students developing a broad range of skills. All students follow a GCSE course in ICT. The school has excellent facilities that are continually updated and expanded with a ratio of less than 4 students to each computer.


Students who are not native English speakers receive support from our specialist EAL (English as an Additional Language ) staff so that they can reach their full potential in our English medium curriculum. This may take the form of small group EAL lessons or in - class support by EAL staff in subject lessons.

Learning Support

While we cater for the very able, KGV also has a Special Needs Unit that provides specialist help for students with moderate learning difficulties. Other students who experience learning problems are catered for by the provision of suitable programmes, including support within the classroom and on an individual basis.


Requests for an application form can be made by phone, fax or email, giving full name of parents and residential address. Parents must be living and working in Hong Kong and, as a zoning system is in operation, parents must be resident in the school zone to be eligible to apply.

Fees are currently HK$78, 600 per annum. There is also a non-refundable deposit of HK$15, 000. If a student is accepted into the school this amount must be paid prior to commencement, it is off set against the first two months fees.

Students have to be capable of following a curriculum through the medium of English. An English language test is taken and these tests are set at various times throughout the year.

A copy of the School Brochure may be obtained from the School Office or further information is available on the ESF website.

School Office

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