International Education

International Christian School of Budapest
International Christian School of Budapest is a college preparatory institution with a US/international curriculum. The language of instruction is English. It teaches all academic subjects within the framework of an Evangelical Christian world view. The school attempts to be sensitive to the home cultures from which the students come. Teachers are trained and certified in a variety of US and Canadian colleges, universities and states.
The International Christian School of Budapest building is located on the south-west side of Budapest, one block from the intersection of the Balatoni Road and the MO expressway. Access by auto is exceptionally convenient. It contains 5, 200 square meters of instructional space and a modern gymnasium. It is adjacent or close to community recreation space and sports fields .
The student-teacher ratio at International Christian School of Budapest is low and costs of instruction are quite moderate. Additional-curricular activities include intramural and interscholastic sports, music, drama, art and science activities. A bus from down-town Budapest runs every 10-15 minutes to a stop within 100 meters of the school. A limited enrolment Learning Disabilities program began in 1997/98. The school operates an ESL program.
The student government at International Christian School of Budapest is led by an elected student council, which sponsors a variety of extra-curricular activities.
A new boarding facility began operations in August 2001 for high school students who are the children of missionaries.
School Summary:
US curriculum.
170 students, 6-18 yrs.
Ifjúság utca 11, Diósd, 2049, Hungary
Tel: (+36) 23 381986
Fax: (+36) 23 381552