International Education

Ascend International School

Ascend International School

5 'F' Block, Opp. Govt. Colony, Bandra Kurla Complex (Bandra E), Mumbai, 400051, India

+91 22 7122 2000

Ascend International School

School type Coeducational Day

Head of school Meg Roosa

Co-ed Age Range 3-12

Curriculum IBPYP

Language of Instruction English

Average Class Size 18

Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:8 Ascend's Mission Statement

Ascend International School delivers a rigorous and collaborative 21st century education where students discover a lifelong love of learning. Our innovative programme is grounded in contemporary educational research. Through individualized education, we foster academic excellence and cultivate self-confident, creative, reflective, and analytical thinkers. Ascend students are motivated to act in the selfless tradition of the Indian heart, actively contributing to their expanding global community.

Educational Partnership: Ascend International School was established in 2012 and is an initiative of the Kasegaon Education Society. Founded in 1945, KES began as a small initiative, established to bring educational opportunities to the rural sector of Maharashtra. Their goal was to create a school that offered families living in Mumbai the type of innovative education that is required to prepare students for the changing landscape of 21st century. After touring University Child Development School, established in 1911 in Seattle, USA, the Ascend founders discovered a true partner for their visionary project. This partnership provides Ascend with a platform for learning new ideas, systems and cultures that we can infuse into our classroom communities at Ascend and the continuity of a shared, far reaching vision.

Curriculum: Ascend International School is a IB World School for the Primary Years Programme (PYP), IB schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that Ascend believes is important for our students.

Inquiry: At Ascend, learning is meaningful because students study skills and apply concepts in real-world contexts. The curriculum at Ascend is structured to generate questions and inspire curious minds. Inquiry-based thinking, planning, implementation and reflection are a part of every lesson. Ascend students learn how to investigate topics thoroughly and gain a comprehensive understanding of each subject area. Rigorous academic skills are embedded in the context of this inquiry-based work. Ascend offers specialist instruction in science, art, music, technology, language, yoga and physical education. As students work on projects, gain experience in academic realms and expand their knowledge base, they begin to see themselves as artists, mathematicians, scientists, writers and community members.

Collaboration: The abilities to work with others, innovate and expand upon ideas are necessary tools for the 21st century. Collaboration provides the vehicle to build, practice and enhance these skills. Ascend gives its students the opportunity to work as both leaders and learners in multi-age classrooms. Student projects are designed to promote flexible thinking and active community participation. We think it is vital for students to learn to explain their own thinking, consider alternative perspectives, build on someone else's ideas, and reconsider their own thinking based on feedback from others. Within these settings, students have the opportunity to carry out their investigations with a wide variety of peers and experience different roles, while receiving individualized instruction to develop their academic fluency.

International Mindedness: Modern education demands that students not only understand and appreciate their role in Indian culture but in the broader global community as well. Ascend students are supported to consider multiple viewpoints and perspectives. Students from Ascend pursue opportunities to enhance the lives of others and to support the health and well-being of our planet. We teach our students to listen carefully to others, to participate in group discussions and hone their individual skills. We believe that developing understanding and compassion for different perspectives and empathy for the needs of others is essential to the moral development of a child.

Campus: Ascend is located in the heart of Mumbai in the Bandra Kurla Complex on a 2.5 acre campus. Our educational spaces are open and purposeful, designed to emphasize collaboration and reflect the open layout of modern architecture. Classrooms are designed to promote experiential learning and function more as studio workshops with worktables, informal gathering places and private study nooks. Each floor of the school is organized around a 'central design studio' for technology integration and Investigations. Sports facilities include turf playfields, a 2800-sq ft multi-purpose hall, and a 25-meter rooftop pool. Athletic choice, commitment, competition, and teamwork are the core values that drive the athletic programme.