Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy India


This Institution is named after the eldest son of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth Guru of Sikhs. Sahibzada Ajit Singh in his teens, had been the Commander of Guru’s Army which had been fighting against Tyranny of Mughals. Even at the very early age, he had been so wise to understand the spiritual philosophy of his great father who created ‘Khalsa Panth’ in 1699, A way of life of the pure one’s who become Role-Models to the World. He died fighting against the Mughals in the battlefield of Chamkaur in 1704.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy, a welfare project, has been established by Mr Sukhjinder Singh, a 1984 riot victim, with the blessings of Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji. By 1992, it provided coaching to college and university students and prepared them for competitive examinations. This Academy guided and got settled more than 5000 young boys & girls as Bank Officers, Teachers and Civil Servants.

During interaction with the grown-ups it was realized that physical, mental and spiritual maturity is an integrated part of human personality and the right time to feed the same is before, one attains the age of sixteen. Parents as well as society is not capable enough to provide the required guidance and the environment to the young ones, according to the changing trends of human life and need of the hour keeping in mind the importance of one’s past, heritage and culture. It is required that the young generation must be guided and given the rich environment where they could develop themselves to seek their skies anywhere in the world. So, the management of Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy, under the direction of Mr Sukhjinder Singh, the Founder Director, decided to establish a residential school, rich with culture and heritage of India, where the students could see the entire world all around with all its scientific and economic progress.

In April 1993, the Management of the Academy established this residential school. The Village Panchayat of Railon Khurd in Distt. Ropar provided a piece of Land on Ropar-Morinda Road. Today, there are 800 students studying in this Institution. Among them, 200 students are boarders. Most of them are wards of NRI's, who have come to study over here from every corner of the world.

THERE ARE SEPARATE HOSTELS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS. All faculty members are vegetarian and teetotaller. Vegetarian food is served in the hostels. The teacher student ratio is 1: 25. The campus of the institution is spread over 11 acre of land. The institution provides very fine extra curricular activities as well as sports to its students for their over-all development. The management as well as faculty become Role-Models for the students where they wish to be like them. The Institution is run on the philosophy that scientific spirituality must dominate body & mind, being it essential for creating a brave new world with super thinking, universal brotherhood, peace and respect to women.

For all moral and spiritual developments, the students are given logics & lessons, selected from Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Holy Bible, Holy Kuran & Holy Bhagwadh Gita.

"A BOOK OF DIVINITY FOR SUPERLIVING" written by Mr Sukhjinder Singh, The Founder Director of the Academy has been added in the syllabus. This book very scientifically answers the questions that emerge in the hearts of the students in regard to moral and ethics, spirituality, life here and there after.

This is the Institution where there is no drug-addiction, smoking, Chewing of Tobacco etc. A special rational care is given to the young ones (making them realize the true values of life) that they may not indulge in so called ‘Love-affairs’ which spoil their valuable lives.


The Academy is a Sister Concern of Tavistock College, Tavistock City, Devon in England. Both the schools developed their relations for the interaction and exchange of the students and teachers not only in regard to Human Resources Development but also to learn about the traditions and cultures of both the countries, which impress the entire world. The Heads of the Departments in both schools jointly share the curriculum so that East & West could work for the best of the development of the students in both schools. The teachers & students from the Academy as well as Tavistock College keep on visiting each other to share their views on recent changes in the educational world so that they may run according to the requirement of the time. During exchange visits, they stay at the houses of teachers and students of host school to learn about their social life, the festivals and traditions.

Academy is also a Sister School Concern of Thompson Rivers University (TRU), at Kamloops, BC, Canada. It is only school in India, which has such a relation with a reputed university of Canada. The University Authorities while visiting India found the status of education of Academy at par with theirs so the university accepts the students of Academy for its graduate and postgraduate courses without passing any test as TOEFL etc. The Authorities of Academy and University keep on visiting each other to share the changing trends of education so that they could prepare the students for higher studies accordingly.

Academy is on regular panel of CYLC, Washington DC, USA, which invites its students for Global Programmes such as educational conferences and seminars. Every year, the young boys & girls of Academy go to USA for attending Global Programmes to represent India. Academy is the only school of India, which has been recognized by CYLC for providing such opportunities to its students.
For Global Young Leaders Conference the scholars from very reputed schools of more than 100 countries do assemble in Washington DC & New York. They sit with Senators of American Government, Representatives of UNO, Ambassadors of various Embassies and Professors of prominent Universities of the World, and discuss over Terrorism, AIDS, International Monetary Problems, International Trade Problems, International Peace Problems, Inter-country conflicts and issues related to Environment. They pass the resolutions in the General Assembly of the UNO and thus, the copies of the resolutions are sent to the Governments of all the countries to enable them to know the views of the young scholars hailing from every corner of the world.

Academy has relations with Leibniz Gymnasium School based at Dortmund in Germany. The Director of the Academy visited this school in Germany along with students of ninth standard. The students attended the classes there and stayed with the families of German people. The students in both the schools have developed pen-friendship to share Academic and Personal know-how to develop them as International personalities. Both the schools are planning to share the curriculum as well as arranging exchange programmes for teachers and students.

Academy is a sister concern of Trinity International Hospitality Studies situated on the World famous tourist Island , Crete. Mr Sukhjinder Singh Director SASA and Mr Nikos Skoulas, President, Trinity International & former Tourism Minister of Greece signed agreement to work together on March 21, 2006. The students passing twelve grade from the Academy go for further studies in the field of Hospitality and Tourism Management to be completed at Trinity International, Crete. The degrees and diplomas are provided by Southern New Hampshire University of USA. Thus, clearing the way of our students for their post-graduation etc. in USA.

SASA recently signed another MoU with Saengthong Vitthaya School at Hatyai in Songkhla province of Thailand. This is one of the best 8 Salesian Schools of Thailand. Father Phuwanat, Principal, Saengthong School and Mr Sukhjinder Singh signed the protocol in Hatyai on Dec. 24, 2006. Both schools agreed to work together in the field of education, research and human resources development. Saengthong School along with other salesian school of Thailand will collectively send the Thai students to study at Academy. Initially the time of study would be for three months to one year.

We bow before the Almighty, the Omnipresent,
with whose blessings, we are born to see this world.
O' God Omnipotent, bless our parents to whom our respect goes first.
O Lord ! bless us.
With Yours blessing we are in this Academy;
Further, we bow our heads before Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji,
Our Spiritual Father, who gifted us this Institution.
We bow our heads before Sahibzada Ajit Singh, our Role-Model,
to learn the great deeds from the early age.
We bow our heads before Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
with whose blessings and endeavours, we are the kings on this planet.
We bow our heads before Lord Krishana,
Lord Buddha, Prophet Mohammad, Jesus Christ and
all the Saints of all faiths who blessed the humanity at large.
Bless us with peace & tolerance.
to learn from the great book of Mother Nature.
We may live together on this Earth sharing our bread and views.
O Lord !
We are yours, bless us to be yours.
O My Teacher, the great teacher,
adore me with the knowledge within and without,
develop me spiritually, physically & mentally
that I may see God through wisdom of knowledge.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy, (Post Box No. 19, GPO, Ropar (Punjab) INDIA
Simran Nagar, Ropar-Morinda Road, Roopnagar (Punjab)-140 001, INDIA.

On Chandigarh-Roopnagar National Highway-21 and at the entrance to Roop Nagar city on the Ring Road, behind Power-Colony (left hand side) two minutes run from National Highway.

Academy is affiliated (up to 12 standard) to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Govt of India, New Delhi.


The Academy session commences on 1st April to 31 March Next.

Though the session starts from 01st April to 31st March next but the parents intending to admit their wards are advised to register their wards with the Academy at the earliest without waiting for the start of the session. They may purchase a copy of prospectus of the Academy from Academy Office. Before filling up the registration form, attached in the prospectus, the parents/guardians are advised to go through all Rules and Regulations thoroughly because these Rules & Regulations are standing instructions in all deals between Academy Authorities and Parents. There are two provisions of registration viz as Boarders and as Day-scholars. Day-scholars are allowed to become boarders, anytime (if there is some emergency) but in no case the boarders can be allowed to become Day-scholars in mid-session. If there is some emergency then parents/guardians deposit all fee & funds of their ward as boarder because all the arrangements for their ward has been made for the entire session. Change of provision as Day-scholar or Boarder is allowed in the start of the session.
Being this Institution a quality conscious one, a very limited number of students, is added every year. The preference of admission is given to the students Registered earlier. It is suggested that the students from Nursery to 8th Standard may be admitted in October- November and students of 9th to +2 in the month of March. The admission is subject to passing the entrance test.

Sukhjinder Singh


Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy

(Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi)

Simran Nagar, Morinda Road

Roopnagar-140 001, Punjab, INDIA.

Phones: 0091-01881-222695, 221715, Fax: 0091-1881-223426