International Education

International Schools in Jakarta

Jakarta has more than 100 private and public institutions of higher learning, including the University of Indonesia, founded in 1950, the nation's oldest university. Despite the large number of institutions, there are more students than these schools can accommodate. There is also an insufficient number of vocational institutions to meet the demand for training. The International Schools in Jakarta offer an education from the ages of 5 to around 18. The programmes offered range from International Baccalaureate to US and UK examinations. JakartaJakarta, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. From a mere 900, 000 inhabitants in 1945, the current population is well over ten million and continues to grow at a rate of 200, 000 every year. The capital currently sprawls over 656 square kilometres of northern Java. The suburb of Kota in the north, the former heart of the old Dutch city, still retains a number of beautiful historic buildings, as does the neighbouring port of Sunda Kelapa. The capital also has some of the country's finest museums, including the Maritime Museum, the Wayang Museum and the National Museum.