International Education

Medan International School

Medan International School began in 1969 and has being operating from its present site, approximately 10km for the centre of Medan, since 1980. Medan is a large city of over three million people, although the expatriate population is relatively small.
The school currently caters for Early Childhood to Grade 10 students. There are 6 classes with composite groupings being determined annually by roll numbers. Currently the enrollment is 55 with 24 nationalities being represented among the student body and faculty. Class sizes can be up to 15 students.
The school is broadly organised into two groups. The PYP from Early Childhood through to Grade Five, and the MYP from Grade Six - Ten. The Principal and the MYP and PYP Coordinators make up the Leadership Team. There are currently specialist teachers for Music, Visual Art, Bahasa Indonesia, Drama, Technology and PE. Teachers in the PYP generally teach a broad range of subjects, but in the MYP there is increased specialisation.
The school has a strong behaviour code, mostly unwritten but communicated through expectations and modeling, with the students usually demonstrating a very high level of respect for others, themselves and the school as a learning place. Our students enjoy coming to school and display very positive attitudes. For many families the school is the most positive aspect of their life in Medan. The school enjoys a very good relationship with parents and members of the wider community. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the school activities, and frequent opportunities are created for community interaction.
Mr Matthew Gaetano
Jl. Jamin Ginting Km. 10 / Jl. Tali Air No. 5
Medan – 20141
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