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Sekolah Pelita Harapan -Bukit Sentul Campus

Sekolah Pelita Harapan began in 1993 as a national Christian private school system. The vision was to have an international-style curriculum that would offer a good education to national students who could no longer attend local international schools. According to the mission and vision these students are to be educated as future leaders of Indonesia. Sentul began in 1994. It is 36 km south of Jakarta in a mountainous housing area called Bukit Sentul. It is a boarding facility providing quality education to those outside the city and from other islands of Indonesia. The current enrollment is 459. The students Sentul first seeks to serve are local Indonesians. A second group of students the school has begun to serve are international students, expatriate students who are children of our teachers or from the community. They make up approximately 10% of the student body. The school operates a Kindergarten (age 4) through Grade 12 program of study. The IBO curriculum was introduced into the program in 1999 with the DP being first. Sentul is the first national or international school in Indonesia to be a fully authorized IBO school. The PYP curriculum in Kindergarten through Grade 6 is taught in English except for Bahasa Indonesia language studies. Each elementary classroom has a national and an expat teacher to share the teaching and assist students in both languages. Grades 7-10, MYP, is taught in English with non-Indonesian speakers having second language instruction as Language B. For Grades 11 & 12 the program splits into IBO/DP and National Studies. English and Bahasa Indonesian are used in instruction as courses mandate. Examinations for graduation are IB Diploma and the National examination. All three divisions of the school are also accredited with the Indonesian Ministry of Education. This re-accreditation took place 2004 and is good for four years. At this time, there is no Special Needs Program within the school. Students are screened at the time of admission. School Summary:
460 students, 4-18 yrs
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