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The Isle of Man has a temperate climate, with cool summers and mild winters. Average rainfall is higher than the average for the British Isles, due to its location at a sufficient distance from Ireland for moisture to be accumulated by the prevailing south-westerly winds. Average rainfall is highest at Snaefell, where it is around 1, 900 millimetres a year. At lower levels it can be around 800 millimetres a year. Temperatures remain fairly cool, with the recorded maximum being 28.9 C at Ronaldsway.


The official language of the Isle of Man is English. Manx Gaelic has traditionally been spoken but is now considered "critically endangered".


The Manx pound or Isle of Man pound is a local issue of the pound sterling, issued by the Isle of Man Government. It is subdivided into 100 pence.



At the 2006 interim census, Mann was home to 80, 058 people, of whom 26, 218 resided in the island's capital, Douglas. Most of the population was born in the British Isles, with 47.6% born in Mann, 37.2% born in England, 3.4% in Scotland, 2.1% in Northern Ireland, 2.1% in the Republic of Ireland, 1.2% in Wales and 0.3% born in the Channel Islands. The remaining 6.1% were born elsewhere in the world.

Capital City:

Douglas, ancient capital is castletown.

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