International School of Milan

International School of Europe s.r.l., via Pogliaghi 1, 20146, Milan, Italy
Tel: (+39) 02 422 90577
Fax: (+39) 02 423 5428
Web site: http: //


Director -
Early Years Director - Sarah Ford
Principal of Monza Section - Duncan Partridge
Middle School Principal - Adam Brown
PYP Coordinator - Sara Lomas
MYP Coordinator - Tamsyn Ripon
PYP Coordinator (Monza) - Becky Taylor
Principal - Monza Section - Rachel Caldwell
MYP Coordinator - Maggie Dickson
IB Diploma Coordinator - Iain Sachdev
Dean and Counsellor - Kim Barton
Purchasing Officer - Daniela Rossetti
Managing Director - Paolo Formiga

Full time:   34 men, 75 women
Part time:   0 men, 31 women
Nationalities:  20   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   International, MYP, PYP, IB

Age Range: 3-18
Total Enrolment: 1200
Nationalities: 60
600 boys, 600 girls
Primary School: 540
Middle School: 240
High School: 240
Monza Section: 180

Day only: € 8200-€ 16000
Other Fees: New Student €2000-3000; Registration €500
Learning Support Programme
Founded in 1958, ISM has completed the transition from a British to an international curriculum and is the only school in Italy with all programmes based entirely on the International Baccalaureate. The school is fully authorised to offer the Primary and Middle Years Programme and has been a fully authorised IB Diploma school since 1987. In the Lower School, classes are self-contained with inquiry learning promoted by the class teachers and specialist support staff. The Middle School is a transitional phase for young adolescents, characterised by the gradual development from a learning experience structured by the class teacher to one that is based on tuition by subject specialist teachers. Support and personal counselling are central features of the Middle School.

The High School leads to the IB diploma. Some students prepare College Board tests and assistance is available for Italian elementary and middle school exams. Computers and libraries are used extensively across the curriculum from an early age. Each school site has a specialist EAL team and access to professional counsellors. The school is staffed by qualified teachers and the average length of service at the school is six years. There are currently some 60 nationalities represented in the student body. Virtually every graduate goes on to university in Britain, the USA, Italy or their home country.

The school year runs from early September until late June. Educational visits are an essential feature of the school's activities. Extra-curricular activities include sports, theatre, music, Model United Nations, Global Issues Network, and school magazine. An elected Student Council represents the student body and arranges social events throughout the year.

The main facilities are in the west of the city with a Primary and Middle School Section in Monza. There is a full complement of science laboratories, libraries, computer centres, art and music studios, gymnasiums and sports pitches. School buses provide a daily service in the city and many suburban regions. A new campus is now under construction close to our current sites with the opening scheduled for 2012

Admission is based on previous school records and a personal interview wherever possible. A good knowledge of English is usually required, but special cases in the international community will be considered on their merits.