Play English - The Bilingual School of Monza

Via Confalonieri 18, Monza, Milan, 20052, Italy
Tel: (+39) 039 231 2282
Fax: (+39) 039 232 0591
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Headteacher - Eugenia Papadaki
Deputy Head & PYP Coordinator - Mary Marjerrison
School Accountant - Elisa Arosio
Business Manager - Sonia Barni
School Office Administrator - Alessandra Girola

Full time:   0 men, 22 women
Part time:   1 men, 3 women
Nationalities:  8   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   National, International, PYP,

Age Range: 1-13
Total Enrolment: 129
Nationalities: 10
68 boys, 61 girls
Day Nursery 1-3: 8
Pre-School: 28
Transition: 19
Grade 1-5: 64
Grades 6-8: 9

Day only: € 3500-€ 8

Learning Support Programme
Play English/The Bilingual School of Monza was founded in 1995 with the intent to provide a bilingual model of education in English and Italian (50%-50%) for the Early Years (age range 1-5).In 1999 the school extends its provision to the elementary years and in 2006 a Middle Years program was added.

The model design is that of partial immersion bilingual education which is well grounded into scientific research and studies. The school promotes additive bilingualism and international mindedness through a rigorous international program of studies delivered in both English and Italian by highly qualified teachers.

In July 2010 the school gets authorized by the IBO as a PYP world school.

The curriculum meets the requirements of both national and international standards. Students learn a third language (French or Spanish) and are exposed to other languages and cultures represented in the school through a Language Awareness programme.

The school is housed in two campuses which are fully equipped and offer facilities such as libraries and media rooms, a music room, a science laboratory, three ateliers, a drama studio, computer suites, a dining hall and a gym. All classrooms are resourced with computers. The school is within walking distance from the famous Monza park and Monza city centre.

A rich programme of extra curricular activities is offered to both internal and external students, including music, swimming, sports, drama, art as well as a summer school program.

There is an active Parent staff association and parents are active partners in the learning process and school life.

The school has well established links with both national and overseas universities and colleges who often send graduate students or newly qualified teachers to do research projects or their work practice.

In its 15 years of existence the school has collected data which clearly indicates that students exiting the program at the end of a full elementary and middle school cycle have developed high levels of both linguistic and academic competencies as well as the traits of global citizenship and intercultural understanding.