International Education

Ahliyyah School for Girls

Rainbow Street, PO Box 2035, Amman, 11181, Jordan
Tel: (+962) 6 4624872
Fax: (+962) 6 462 1549
Email: jo
Web site: jo


Superintendent - Haifa Najjar
Board Chair - Suhail Dawani
Head of School - Alice Abboud
Head of Elementary School - Rana Shaban
Head of Secondary School / IB Coordinator - Suha Fasheh
Head of Research and Development Department - Nasri Tarazi

Full time:   25 men, 93 women
Part time:   2 men, 16 women
Nationalities:  5   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   National, PYP, IB

Age Range: 6-18
Total Enrolment: 1060
Nationalities: 11
0 boys, 1060 girls
Elementary School 1-6: 524
Middle School 7-10: 353
High School 11-12 IB: 151
High School 11-12 MOE: 31

Day only: JD 2650-JD 6650
Other Fees: Transportation JD 500-600
Learning Support Programme
The Ahliyyah School for Girls was founded in 1926 by the Christian Mission of England. In 1957, the Arab Episcopal Church in Jerusalem took over the administrative responsibilities of the school, furthering its raison d’Ítre: to empower Jordanian women with knowledge and therefore choice.
The school is a non-profit IB World school offering national and international programmes from KG-12 including the International Baccalaureate Diploma. ASG strives towards bilingualism by offering primary and secondary education based on the British National Curriculum including First Language English within an Arabic context. French is offered as a foreign language.
To implement the school’s philosophy of inclusion, students are supported inside their classrooms, with a natural environment that caters for all their cognitive, emotional, physical and social needs.
The school has a full program of extra-curricular activities including sports, music (choir and orchestra), drama, community service, ceramics, ballet, chess, debate, creative writing and journalism.
Pastoral care is based upon the moral and ethical development of the individual student, encompassed in the Code of Behaviour.
Learning takes place in a secure environment, a warm atmosphere and an active learning context. These constitute the prerequisites for the development of a well-rounded emotionally mature human being capable of embracing a future filled with challenges, making her a productive member of society.