International Education

New English School, Jordan

PO Box 154, Khalda, Amman, 11821, Jordan
Tel: (+962) 6 551 7111-6
Fax: (+962) 6 551 6100
Email: jo
Web site: http: // jo


Head of Secondary school - Amal Qassem

Full time:   32 men, 161 women
Part time:   1 men, 2 women
Nationalities:  7   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   National, UK,

Age Range: 2-18
Total Enrolment: 1177
Nationalities: 38
694 boys, 483 girls
Pre-School & Kindergarten: 168
Primary (Gr 1-5): 408
Secondary (Gr 6-12): 601

Day only: JOD 2800-JOD 9300
Other Fees: Transport (maximum) JDnr 750; Deposit JDnr 600; School Supplies JD 400 (max)
Learning Support Programme
The New English School was founded in August 1986 as a private, bilingual establishment licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Education, offering a full range of Ministry-prescribed subjects taught in Arabic as well as subjects taught in the English medium in line with the requirements of the English National Curriculum.
The majority of teachers are recruited locally and are bi-lingual. Many have been educated in the British system. A few members of staff have been brought out from the United Kingdom on special overseas contracts, but other British or American staff permanently based in Jordan are contracted on local terms. Staff turnover is extremely low. Throughout grades K-8, students are taught a curriculum in English and Arabic, though it is possible, by special Ministry licence, for students to follow an English only stream. The school's policy is to promote academic excellence and cross-cultural co-operation. In grades 9-10, students follow the British IGCSE system. Afterwards, in grades 11-12, they follow the GCE AS/A-level programme. The vast majority of students go on to university either in the UK, the USA or Canada. A few study in Lebanon or remain in Jordan. Facilities throughout the school are excellent, the most attractive features being the theatre, indoor sports courts and the 1000-seater football stadium.
Each academic year runs from mid-August until mid-June. The school week begins on Sunday and finishes on Thursday. Saturday mornings are reserved for activities. There are two terms divided by a mid-year holiday in December/January.
The school enjoys a prominent place in the Jordanian community. Admission is by interview and entrance test in English, Arabic and maths. A strong academic standard is required, as are high standards of behaviour and discipline. All students are obliged to wear school uniform. The Chairman of the Board offers scholarships based on academic competition and sometimes on compassionate grounds. All enquiries regarding admissions should be addressed to the Director.