International Education

International School of Kenya, Nairobi

School Profile:
516 students, 4-18 yrs.
IB, US, international curricula
PO Box 14103, Nairobi 00800, Kenya Tel: (+254) 20 583622/224 Fax: (+254) 20 583272
The International School of Kenya is a joint project of the Canadian and US governments, providing a basic US curriculum for grades pre-K-13. The school is accredited by CIS and MSA. ISK also offers the IB diploma program. ISK's program is modelled on North American educational systems and is designed to meet the needs of students from countries throughout the world. One of its most important goals is to help its students recognise their responsibilities in an increasingly interdependent world.
In the elementary school, students are expected to develop their basic learning skills in an environment that promotes healthy social, emotional, and physical development. The middle school offers activities that meet the special needs of adolescent children. In the high school, students choose from an option-loaded program that includes the International Baccalaureate. This program is suited to all students who are prepared to accept its challenging academic requirements, and those earning the IB diploma are prepared for university entrance nearly everywhere in the world.
The faculty of International School of Kenya represents several countries and averages 12 years of classroom experience. Every teacher has a university degree and more than half hold either Masters' or Doctors' diplomas. There are presently 59 different nationalities enrolled. Ninety-two percent of graduating seniors are accepted in universities and colleges in the US, Canada, UK and other countries from where students come.
The International School of Kenya year is composed of 180 instructional days, beginning in mid-August and ending in early June. The end of term holiday in December is three weeks and there is a one week break in the spring. The school has special programs in intercultural and interscholastic sports. An after-school program is provided for students in grades 2-13.
International School of Kenya has a 49-acre campus with 21 buildings (48 classrooms), a fine arts center with theater, three tennis courts, swimming pool, infirmary, four playing fields, four science labs, three computer labs, library media center, video room, periodic room, a student center, Learning Resource Center, three outdoor basketball courts and an indoor court.
Admission is by application and personal interview. ISK offers limited support for students with special learning needs through grade 10. The school also offers support for students who are learning English through grade 10. ISK maintains a bursary program with priority given to Kenyan citizens wishing to attend the school.