The mission of BUSAN FOREIGN SCHOOL Korea(BFS) is to maintain a school system which provides quality educational opportunities for foreign children from 3-18 years old.

Statement of Philosophy
BUSAN FOREIGN SCHOOL adheres to the following convictions:

An educated citizenry is not only desirable, but also necessary for the furtherance of human progress and the ideals of freedom and democracy.

Schools can help provide the tools whereby each citizen can succeed in life.

Each student attending the school has the right to the best educational opportunities that can be made available.

Each student is not only capable of learning, but will learn to a satisfactory degree if exposed to quality instructional techniques, methods, incentives and material.

The basic requirements of each individual student may be different, although there will be certain similarities in groups, and the educated and responsible member of society should be exposed to as many learning experiences as can be made possible in order for him/her to develop in positive moral, emotional, physical and intellectual directions.

Diligent and responsible efforts in schools will have guided and developed the positive dynamism in each student allowing him/her to make wise and sound decisions not only during his school year, but also throughout his/her life.

BUSAN FOREIGN SCHOOL believes that every child should have an opportunity to develop to the maximum of his/her capacity, and effective instruction is basic to the achievement of educational goals. Likewise, carefully planned curriculum is the design for learning experiences under the guidance of the Principles of Learning and adapted for:

1) The growth and development of children
2) The individual differences of pupils
3) The needs of a changing society

BFS Professional Affiliations
* Western Association of Schools and Colleges(WASC)
* Minister of Education, Republic of Korea(Certification)
* Korean Council of Overseas Schools(KORCOS)
* American Chamber of Commerce in Korea(AMCHAM)
* European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea(EUCCK)

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Postal Address: #1366-3, Jwa-Dong, Haeundae-Gu, Busan, Korea 612-030

Contact Number: Tel: 051-747-7199, Fax: 051-747-9196

Outside Korea Tel: 82-51-747-7199, Fax: 82-51-747-9196