Korea Education Study Visas
Students who are planning to stay in Korea for less than 90 days may apply for the C-3 visa.
  • Those who want to stay in Korea for the following reasons may require this type of visa: tour, transit, medical treatment, participation for a variety of activities or meeting, culture, art, general study or research, attending a religious conference, etc.  


  • Visas can be issued immediately upon applying at either the Korean Embassy or the Consulate office.

    The required documents are as follows:

    • Passport

    • Visa Application Form (available at a Korean Embassy or Consulate office)

Students who want to stay in Korea for more than 91 days should apply for  a D-4 visa at least two months before departing for Korea. Those who have a C-3 visa can apply for a D-4 visa at the immigration office in Korea in case they want to stay for their study for more than 91 days.
(Please make sure whether it is possible to change to a D-4 visa because, for some nationalities, it is difficult to change visa types)

Visas are required for the following:

  • Those who attend the Korean Language program at an affiliated institute of university or college
  • Those who want to be educated at an educational institution except the institution or research center which allows the qualifications eligible for studying abroad(D-2)
  • Those who are training in technology and skills at a national or public research center, training institute,  
  • Those who receive pay from a training institution, or those who are eligible for D-3, and those who have attended high school or lower ones with F-1 or F-3 visa, are excluded from the object of the above.  
Students who want to study at an affiliated language institute of a university/college, or exchange students who are trainees with an agreement of academic exchange should submit the following documents:
  • Passport
  • Visa Application Form
  • Documents which prove the admission to a university/college or a certificate   of studentship
  • Financial Statement
  • Money Transference/Exchange Certificate (more than 3,000 USD)
  • Letter of Sponsorship (A Korean sponsor of a student should submit two original   notarized letters of sponsorship. A representative of a corporate, or a Korean with   Korean nationality who lives, and has his/her job in Korea, is eligible for the sponsorship)