International Education

American School of Kosova

School Profile:
Founded 2003
230 students, aged 4 - 18
American standard curriculum, accreditted from Northwest Association of Accredited Schools
40 professional staff and 35 support staff.
American School of Kosova
Sports and Youth Center, Luan Haradinaj Str. n. n.
Prishtina, KOSOVA 10000, EUROPE m
Founded in 2003, ASK is the first American school in Kosova and is proud to be a leading educational institution in educating the leaders of tomorrow. With this in mind, the faculty at the ASK takes special care to provide an inviting, safe, and stimulating environment for children 4 through 18 years old to learn and grow.
To make these initial school experiences happy and successful, the ASK program introduces age-appropriate activities and materials that are both engaging and challenging. The teachers employ a learning approach that focuses on children's interests, combined with teacher input/direction, as the basis for study. ASK works under the auspices of the American educational system and uses a complete American curriculum in which all courses are taught in English, except the Albanian language course, which is a local language, and other foreign languages i.e. German, Italian, etc.
The faculty working in ASK is one of the characteristics that makes our school a leading educational institution in the region.   It draws on its international background to create a truly unique and exciting learning environment. Part of our faculty comes from U. S. A.and Canada, and part of the faculty is from the region. We also have local teachers that have been educated and trained abroad.
The superbly-equipped ASK campus is set in the heart of the city of Prishtina. It is located at the Sports and Youth Center, which is the very center of the city. It is a closed campus, although it is in the center of the city and this makes our school even more reliable. We also provide transportation for the entire city of Prishtina.
Teaching facilities at ASK are housed in modern, architecturally sophisticated buildings with light, airy classrooms, extremely well-equipped science labs, computer labs, resource center and library, the best amphitheater in the city, great cafeteria with great food, and a great garden. It is definitely the best location in the whole country. The school cafeteria offers choices of freshly-prepared hot or cold meals in cafeteria style.
The ASK Dormitory offers up-to-date residential facilities, including bathrooms, student lounges, and fully-equipped student kitchens.  
Our academic year runs from September to early July, with holidays at Christmas and Easter. School day is from 8: 00 AM to 3: 15 PM.
ASK follows the philosophy of a social organization with importance given to academic achievement, character development, and community responsibility. Our school leads to individual mastery and takes advantage of small class sizes and the diverse educational, cultural, and experiential backgrounds of the students. We believe every child is unique in terms of life experience, developmental readiness, and cultural heritage. Partnership between family and school is, therefore, essential to the optimal growth and development of every young child.