International Education

Al Ru'ya Bilingual School

PO Box 44230, Hawally, 32057, Kuwait
Tel: (+965) 180 4818
Fax: (+965) 2552 9784
Email: info@alruyaschool. net
Web site: http: //www.alruyaschool. net


School Director - Raja Al Saleh

Full time:   54 men, 194 women
Part time:   2 men, 5 women
Nationalities:  26   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   National, US,

Age Range: 2. 5-18
Total Enrolment: 1800
1000 boys, 800 girls
Kindergarten: 360
Elementary School: 700
Middle School: 490
High School: 250

Day only: KD 1470-KD 2610
Other Fees: School bus (1st child) KD 240; School bus (additional child) KD 220
Al-Ru'ya Bilingual School was founded in 1996, uses Arabic and English as teaching languages. The English language curriculum covers English Language Art, Math, Science, Information Technology and Arts & Crafts. . The Arabic language curriculum covers Arabic language, Religion, Social Studies and a specially designed Al Ru'ya Pastoral Program. The academic program leads to the High School Diploma and focuses on preparation for colleges and universities in Kuwait, the Arab world, the USA and Europe. The teaching staff are qualified and experienced Muslim teachers from variety of Arab countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and the Far East .
Students are taught within a learning environment which is based on the Arabic/Islamic culture, heritage and traditions. RBS enrollment in 2008-2009 reached 1760 students, with separate areas allocated for boys and girls, grades 1-12. The campus comprises of 91 classrooms and special teaching areas for Science, Computer labs, and Art and Craft. There is a Media Center in addition to four gyms, two swimming pools and playgrounds. There is a purpose-built theatre. The school year runs from September to June and consists of two semesters separated by the annual Ministry schools Spring holiday (late January/early February). A summer school is offered during the holiday.
All prospective students are interviewed and required to pass an entrance examination in English, Arabic, and Math.