International Education

The English Primary Group Salwa School

Address Block 7, Street 2
City Salwa
State Kuwait
Phone +965 65553702
Grade Range FS2-Year 3
School Type Primary
Student Body Coed

The English Primary Group belongs to a family owned company:  English Playgroup and Primary Schools, otherwise known as EPG.  The current holdings are 12 Early Years Branches and 2 Primary Schools,  catering for approximately 4,500 children in Kuwait.

The English Primary Group Salwa School has classes from FS2 (Reception) to Year 2, though this year there is also one class of Year 3. Currently,  620 children are enrolled and whilst the majority are Kuwaiti, we enjoy a multi -national student population.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for Reception age children (FS2) and the National Curriculum for England and Wales in Years 1-3.  Integrated into the curriculum are Arabic and Islamic studies as prescribed by the Kuwait Ministry of Education.

The children follow a rotation of subjects: English, Arabic, Maths, Topics (Science and Social Subjects), Islamic, PE, Art and Music.  All subjects other than Arabic and Islamic, are taught in English.  This means our children are fully conversant and literate in both English and Arabic.

A wide range of special events take place throughout the school year such as International Day, Sports Day, Book Festivals, Health Week  and Literacy week.  Features of our school are the concerts and presentations which show off our children's talents and bilingualism.  

The teaching staff are all fully qualified and, like the children, represent a range of nationalities.  The English teachers are from First Language English countries such as UK, Canada, America, New Zealand and South Africa.

Salwa Infant School is a child-friendly environment which values individuality and provides modern and well researched practices in teaching and learning, allowing every child to be the Best That They Can B!


Head of School Judith Pollock