International Education

Silk Road International School

Mikroregion 11, Aytieva 7a, Bishkek, 720049, Kyrgyzstan
Tel: (+996) 312 520290, 520390
Fax: (+996) 312 520490
Web site: http: // kg


Director - Sherafettin Kuchukoglu
Principal 1 - Biyalev Eylerbek
Principal 2 - Toktorbaeva Gulnara
Principal - Shelly Gupta
Board Chair - Orhan Inandi

Full time:   8 men, 34 women
Part time:   7 men, 4 women
Nationalities:  8   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   National, UK,

Age Range: 5-17
Total Enrolment: 326
Nationalities: 16
158 boys, 168 girls

Day only: US$ 5000-US$ 5000
Other Fees: Uniform US$150; Books US$200-350; Foods US$400
Silk Road International School was founded in 1999 by Sebat Educational Institutions to enhance educational opportunities for the children of foreigners and diplomats living and working in the Kyrgyz Republic. Silk Road International School (SRIS) is a co-educational, multicultural, international school for children from Early Years (nursery) up to and including Key Stage 4 (17 years old). SRIS teaches a curriculum which is based on the British National Curriculum and is entirely in English. Situated in 11th Micro-district of Kyrgyzstan’s capital, Bishkek, the school has an environment of clean air and a friendly atmosphere.
The educational program at SRIS caters to students from 5 to 17 years of age and follows the British National Curriculum; all lessons are taught in English and most of the learning materials are brought from England. However, the program has also been adapted to meet the requirements of the Kyrgyz ministry of education. Therefore, some subjects required by the Kyrgyz system of education have been retained, including: Russian and Russian literature, Kyrgyz and Kyrgyz literature and the history of Kyrgyzstan. As a result, upon completion of grade 11 at SRIS, a certificate of secondary education of the Kyrgyz Republic is awarded to the student.
The school’s program is divided into four key stages: pre-school (ages 5 and 6), primary school (ages 6 – 12), middle school (ages 12-15) and secondary school (ages 15-17). There are 24 classrooms at the school, all of which are equipped with computers and Internet access. Each class has a maximum of 20 students.
Courses are offered in art and design, music, astronomy, Turkish and French; and the students of tenth and eleventh grades take courses everyday in TOEFL and SAT, both of which are highly demanded by most universities around the world. SRIS also offers a variety of extracurricular courses and clubs such as: soccer, table tennis, wrestling, violin, guitar, piano, and komuz. A summer school program is offered and the school can arrange for some student to go abroad and study.
SRIS has recruited highly qualified teachers from all over the world. These teachers come from Philippines, America, England, Turkey, and India and as they are native speakers of the English language and professionals in English curriculum.
SRIS has an admission policy which is against any discrimination in terms of race, nationality or creed. The school admits those prospective students who will benefit most from the school’s program.