International Education

AFNORTH International School

Ferdinand Bolstraat 1, Brunssum, 6445 EE, Netherlands
Tel: (+31) 45 527 8220
Fax: (+31) 45 527 8233
Email: AIS. Directorate@eu.
Web site:


Director - Uwe Bettscheider
Personnel Manager/Assistant Director - Rob Bindels
UK/Intnl Early Primary Principal - Sheena Macleod
- Iris Gerloff
Principal - Gloria Hajat
Principal - Constance McLeese

Full time:   27 men, 68 women
Part time:   0 men, 0 women
Nationalities:  5   CURRICULUM AND EXAMS:

:   US, UK,

Age Range: 4-19
Total Enrolment: 413
Nationalities: 20
209 boys, 204 girls
US Elementary: 287
US High School: 0
UK: 53
German: 0
Canadian: 73

Day only: € 16685-€ 19192

The AFNORTH International School (AIS) was founded in 1967 and provides education for about 950 children of Joint Forces Command Headquarters Brunssum and other NATO personnel serving adjacent areas. Four nations sponsor the school: Canada, the Federal Republic of Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Senior Officials from the Ministry of Defense of each owing nation form the AIS Board of Governors which is responsible for setting school policy and approving the international budget. This Board also appoints a Director from one of the four sponsoring nations on a five-year rotation basis. Each nation appoints National Section Head (Principal, Headmaster/mistress, Lead Teacher). The Director and the National Section Heads are responsible for the day-to-day administration of the school.
Coupled with a well-designed facility are programs that reflect the international nature of the school. The English-speaking sections of the school are integrated among staff and students and offer an integrated curriculum. American, British, Canadian, and International Students using English as a common language share classes and teachers. Teachers come from Canada, the UK, and the US. The German Section offers primary and secondary education (Haupschule, Realschule, Gymnasium up to 10th grade). International students wishing to obtain German language instruction and a German diploma enroll in the German Section. The different school sections are generally divided along Elementary, Middle, and High School lines.
AIS boasts some distinctive educational programs such as French Language Instruction beginning in the Elementary School. The Partner Language Program introduces German to students in lower grades and assists students with English who do not study in that language. The US/Canadian High School offers the DoDDS and Ontario Diplomas and a variety of Advanced Placement classes. A wide range of government simulation programs such as Model European Parliament, Model NATO and Model United Nations are available to secondary students. The extra-curricular program includes sports, student government, robotics, music, community service and clubs.