International Education

Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls

Address Plot 273, Institutes and Research District
City Abuja
State Nigeria
Phone +234 8032 032291
Min Grade 7
Max Grade 12
School Type Secondary
Student Body Girls

Noble Hall's vision is to enrich the life of its students through a well-rounded education, making them tomorrow's leaders.  Through strong academic and developmental skills, young girls will be well groomed, imbibe strong family values, communicate effectively, develop a sense of responsibility towards their community, and hone their leadership skills.

The inspiration for Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls came from a desire to enrich the lives of girls through a well-rounded academic curriculum coupled with an enriched extra-curricular programme. By imbibing strong academic and social skills, our girls will be well-groomed, have strong family values and eventually become the leaders of tomorrow.

More important than knowledge is learning, so our primary aim is to encourage our pupils to become self-aware, enquiring, tolerant and positive young women, have independent minds and be individuals who respect the differentness of others. Over time, our students will acquire a true sense of self-worth which will enable them to stand up for themselves and for a purpose greater than themselves and in doing so, be of value to society

We know that the habits they learn at Noble Hall will last a lifetime.

Head of School Stewart Cowden Maryam Duba